Energy & Power generation

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The drive for both renewable and traditional energy is seeing huge investment in Power Generation projects around the world. New power stations are being built. Existing ones renovated or converted using bio and other sustainable fuels. While as part of the green revolution, major wind, solar and hydro energy projects are popping up on a local and national scale. While all this is happening, developed and emerging markets alike are investing in new and upgraded infrastructure to deliver power exactly where it’s needed.

Such a big change in the industry means cargo is either big, heavy, or both. Fortunately, we have just the expertise to handle everything from huge power generators and equipment, to ultra-sensitive wind turbine components, including blades, nacelles, towers and foundations.

In fact, transporting wind turbines may look easy, but every successful voyage is the result of careful, detailed planning. And often involves us designing specialised equipment for securing and moving the cargo.

Whatever we’re shipping, we’re ready to meet the needs of the world’s biggest energy and power projects, able to move equipment in huge quantities. We’re proud of our record. Meeting tight deadlines and thinking our way around extreme challenges is what we do best. So no matter the transport, terrain or environment, we’ll plan everything end to end, from loading specially chartered vessels, to ro-ro vessels and even breakbulk on container ships.

Giant Buoyancy Modules From The UK to Turkey

We’ve recently played a pivotal role in a unique project to deliver essential water supplies by pipeline under the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Cyprus.

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Giant Buoyancy Modules From The UK to Turkey