Warehousing & Distribution

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Forward Hub Distribution

Our Forward Hub Distribution service provides a single point of inventory management, giving clients greater control and visibility of real-time inventory levels.

This model allows organisations to move their goods via a regional distribution hub for increased flexibility whilst distributing goods to meet the demands of the marketplace.

How Forward Hub Distribution works:

  • Centralised storage reduces the costs associated with multiple storage locations at multiple points of origin
  • Cash flow is optimised by paying duty closer to the time of sale within the supply chain
  • Low fees allow for longer periods of cargo storage

Forward Hub Distribution is the right solution for companies with a large number of origins that distribute cargo to multiple destinations within the same region. Our extensive network of hubs ensures reliable and timely distribution to their chosen destinations.

Inventory Management

Inventory levels have a significant impact on the efficiency of a company’s supply chain. Our Inventory Management service brings a hands-on understanding to our clients’ business, reviewing product management protocols, identifying exceptions and enabling them to efficiently forecast and restock thousands of items fast.

How Inventory Management works:

  • Improves accuracy of forecasts for leaner inventories and improved service
  • Real-time simulation allows clients to test alternative lead times, service levels and other policy scenarios prior to implementation
  • Categorises items to segment and optimises inventory management
  • Identifies a client’s time-phased replenishment needs in advance