Plant & Machinery

Equipping you with all the best tools

Moving plant and machinery calls for a very particular set of skills. Skills based on experience and expertise, innovative thinking, strong contacts and close personal supervision. On every level, we’re superbly equipped for the challenge.

To give you some idea of our experience, we’ve moved dumper trucks, generators, crushing and screening machinery for the West African mining industry. We’ve shipped used equipment bought at auction in Malta to the UK for onward sale and we’ve dismantled, consolidated and transported an entire glass factory – furnace and glass ovens included – from the UK to Brazil. We’ve even relocated a huge paper processing plant, including tanks and drums, from Britain to Bangladesh.

Calling on all our experience, contacts and deep market knowledge, we work alongside our clients to provide the most flexible, cost-effective logistics on the planet.

Private: Diamond Mine Base Camp to The Congo Jungle

Challenge How do you move tonnes of fragile cargo and heavy duty mining equipment, from various locations around the world,...

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Private: Diamond Mine Base Camp to The Congo Jungle