Freight Management

Lightening the load

The hardest work involved in moving freight internationally is the paperwork and documentation; and it’s in this area that we can really get things moving. With specialist experience in both import and export, we offer a comprehensive freight management service, allowing our clients to move smarter and faster.

End-to-end visibility is a key element of the logistics process. As freight management specialists, we enable our clients to view the whole journey to identify areas where savings can be made.


A broad range of services covering all aspects of export, from documentation to final dispatch


Expert knowledge on everything from customs planning, haulage and storage to payment of duty, freight and expenses


Our extensive network enables clients to make significant reductions to their freight transport costs

Assessment and Tender Support

In freight movement, knowledge is power.

That’s why we analyse every stage of our clients’ freight transportation to secure the most competitive shipping contracts.

This detailed understanding of the process allows us to determine rates covering origin to destination, evaluate cost implications and access new suppliers.