Giant buoyancy modules from the UK to Turkey


8 Tonne, 3 foot long giant buoyancy modules.


Skelmersdale, United Kingdom to Tasucu, Turkey.

Key facts

  • 8 tonne, 3 foot long giant buoyancy modules
  • Skelmersdale to Port of Felixstowe by truck
  • Shipped on flatracks to Port of Mersin
  • Assist with customs and other documentation
  • Organise cranes for unloading at Tasucu


The Northern Cyprus Water Supply Project, which is a world-first, will supply 19.8 million gallons a year of water for drinking and irrigation to Northern Cyprus from southern Turkey, via an 80-km long, 1.6-metre diameter pipeline which will be suspended at a depth of 250 metres below the water surface.

A critical part of the project is the supply by a VIP Client of 132 giant buoyancy modules which will hold the pipeline in place. Each 8-tonne buoy measures 3 metres in diameter and 3.6 metres in length.


Our VIP Client manufactured these specially designed buoys in Skelmersdale in the UK, and appointed Allseas to transport them from there to the project assembly site at the port of Taşucu, in Turkey.

We played a pivotal role in this unique project to deliver essential water supplies by pipeline under the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Cyprus. “This was an amazing and unique project and we are proud to be part of itThe challenges of lifting, securing and transporting these huge buoys was tremendous. For example, they are loaded end-to-end for the truck journey but side-by-side on the flatracks, so loading /unloading requires a 90-degree turn.

Allseas project manager


The reliability and efficiency of our VIP Client’s buoyancy modules were a key element of the project. Safe handling, planning and good communications were all vital to keep the project running smoothly and we were able to deliver exactly what was required.

Ruth Clay, Trelleborg Offshore’s, Marketing Communications Manager