Andrew Wormald

Head of Projects

Andrew has almost three decades of experience within the shipping industry, specialising in abnormal loads. With a wealth of knowledge Andy is a respected figure within the special projects industry and boasts an impressive portfolio of record-breaking shipments.

Andrew’s varied experience ranges from UK/European OOG road transport, contracted lifts, machinery removal and installations, short sea chartering, barge chartering, and port operations. Over the years Andrew has honed his skills to best suit his customer’s needs and continues to work towards excelling industry standards.

In such a competitive marketplace, Andrew is well positioned to provide customers with exceptional service. He prides himself on going the extra mile whenever possible, providing the very best experience for clients’ time and time again.

In his personal life, Andrew is a committed partner to his wife of over 25 years and father to his son whom he loves nothing more than to cook for. In his own words “my spare time is spent eating, cooking, and drinking of thinking about those same three things.”