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17 April 2019

Brexit might be stirring concerns for EU exporters, but interestingly, this ripple effect isn’t drifting out to international waters. Despite the current commotion in the Commons, overseas trade is still thriving – with ships sailing between the UK and other continents undisturbed.

The international export market is undoubtedly aware of Brexit, but remains as strong as ever – with huge eastern nations like China refusing to turn their back on Britain despite the political and economic uncertainty here at home.

Companies here in the region still have a fantastic opportunity to sell goods globally by tapping into international exporting. And that’s where Manchester based Allseas Global Logistics can help.

Partner with an industry power

Using a freight forwarder that is part of a strong global network is the best way to secure a safe, speedy route for your shipment. Allseas’ reputation, relationships and influence in the international export industry means customers have access to better buying power and knowledge.

With Allseas, shipping services are affordable and priority booking slots are an added benefit. Staff also provide expert advice on shipping as a whole, ensuring goods arrive in the right place, at the right time, without the risk of being stopped or seized.

Getting your documentation in order

The sender is ultimately responsible for having the correct documentation in place when exporting goods to other countries. If shipments don’t fit the appropriate entry criteria, cargo can be delayed or ceased with a risk of heavy fines and penalties.

That’s why using an experienced freight forwarder with a proven record is so important.

Allseas’ award-winning service involves giving customers guidance on documentation options (e.g. Cash Against Document, Letter of Credit) and how to establish an agreed set of terms for sales of goods – as well as which types of shipments may require examinations by inspection agencies.

A local presence with a global reach

Allseas staff are located all over the world, but the headquarters is based right here in Greater Manchester.

With additional offices in the Europe, Middle East, the Indian Sub-Continent and the UK, customers can always communicate with an account manager in the same time zone – helping to quickly resolve any queries.

Get in touch with Allseas today

International shipping remains a thriving market – and you can take advantage of these terrific trade opportunities in confidence with Allseas.

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