Coronavirus notification – The current shipping challenges in China

31 January 2020

The current outbreak of the Coronavirus is being well documented across the news channels and we can confirm that it is now causing disruption to shipments to and from mainland China. Many of the major shipping and air lines are suspending services due to port closures and lock-downs of movement in and out of the country.

We are co-operating with our logistics partners to fully understand the implications of the disruption and we’re working hard to ensure any impact to our customers is limited.

The Chinese government have also announced an extension to the New Year Holiday period in China and recommend a delay in the resumption of people going back to work in an effort to contain the outbreak.

As of today, the disruption is not currently effecting all areas of China, with some ports still accessible. Therefore, if you are considering importing or exporting to China or require any further information, please contact us on 0330 555 5555.

Thank you for your continued support.


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