The benefits of using a freight forwarder for international shipping

15 May 2018

Some organisations don’t see the sense in paying someone else to send their goods overseas. But, in reality, not using a freight forwarder is like going to court without a lawyer – there are countless pitfalls you can tumble down without professional support.

There’s far more to transportation than you might think, with dozens of different elements to consider before even packing up your parcel and sending it on its way.  Here, we explain why using a professional freight forwarder isn’t just worth the money – it’s absolutely essential to guarantee safe, smooth shipping.


It’s not necessarily more expensive to use a freight forwarder

You might think that cutting out the freight forwarder is a smart way to trim unnecessary expenses as you send everything directly to your suppliers instead. In reality, volume contracts mean you can actually save money through consolidations.

In some instances, depending on what you’re shipping, there are contractual rates that are far lower than what you’d get ad hoc. Plus, you’re lowering risk considerably.


It’s easier to secure booking slots using a freight forwarder

Securing shipping slots can prove very problematic when you don’t use a freight forwarder.

When shippers go to the shipping line or airline directly, you might struggle to get priority in booking, especially if it’s a busy time of year or you’re sending goods to a country with complex customs.

Freight forwarders have specially-designed networks in place to make sure everything goes through on time to the place it should.


You’ll have access to better buying power and knowledge

 Given the huge volumes freight forwarders handle every month, they’re far less likely to get a ‘no’ from a shipping line. Freight forwarders can make shipments happen, whereas individual shippers don’t tend to have much negotiating clout.

At Allseas Global, we know all the best shipping lines, helping you pick right and enjoy the best chance of smooth transport. We can also answer any questions regarding compliance and licensing, matching to the service you desire.


You’ll experience reduced risk

The more complicated a shipment is, the more important it is to have a freight forwarder involved.

For example, if cargo doesn’t fit in a standard container, you’ll need expertise to find a legal solution. It’s all-too-easy to suffer fines for incomplete documentation or erroneously packed cargo.

Allseas can cover the whole process and make sure your shipment is completely covered from end to end.


You’ll enjoy multi-model solutions using a freight forwarder

As a multi-model freight forwarder, we’re a considerable help when it comes to big projects. We’re able to show you the best routes and tell you the various requirements for customs in different nations. Our team can also guide you through legal documents, offering as much or as little support as you need.

We have the experience to anticipate problems before they arise. By using Allseas, you’ll benefit from a business that handles freight forwarding day in, day out.

If you have an upcoming shipment and want to explore the option of freight forwarding, get in touch with Allseas today to request a quote. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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