The benefits to using a flexible freight agent

11 December 2017

The pre-Christmas rush

At this busy time of year we are reminded that 5 weeks of work is being squeezed into effectively 3 weeks. Whilst the Christmas and New Year holiday period brings a welcome break at the end of another busy year the month of December increases the pressure on exports and imports.

One of the main issues effecting the freight industry at this time is the sudden need to move freight out of the UK and make sure the imports are cleared and delivered before 22nd December.

Whilst we all know the “holidays are coming” planning ahead can escape everyone. Hauliers suddenly do not have enough vehicles or drivers and shipping & Airlines never seem to have enough space.

Here at Allseas, we understand the pain our clients go through at this time of year trying to find options to move their last minute shipments. Our team is made up of a range of industry professionals which allows us to make use of our experience and knowledge to find our clients options for their needs.

We get many calls from a manufacturer logistics managers…

“the carrier I use can’t find me space before the end of the year” or

“my goods are due into the UK and I can’t get the goods cleared and delivered in time for our Christmas closing”.

We an independent business, meaning we’re not tied to a specific carrier or transport company, so we don’t recognise “Can’t”. Our team will utilise our relationships across the industry to find a solution.

Whether its vessel space, transport, warehousing or that last minute airfreight, Allseas will work our Christmas stockings off to help.

We know how challenging delivery schedules can affect your supply chain. So we take our role seriously in helping you maintain them.

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