Allseas Recyclables

28 March 2017

Responding to market demand with a new division

Here at Allseas, we have long been involved in the export / import of recyclable materials – Metals, rubber, paper & plastic recyclables make up a huge part of the UK’s export volume. In response to this growing market we recently established a dedicated Recyclables team to handle the increasing volume of shipments.

Tony Verillo has recently joined our team as Development Manager, heading up our Recyclables division. Tony brings a wealth of experience in the Recyclables market, further building on our understanding of this complex and diverse trade.

As fully-licensed waste carriers, we work with our clients, suppliers and authorities to ensure international agreements and responsibilities are met. With ongoing space allocations and long term rate agreements, we continue to offer our clients competitive rates and expertise in the Recyclables market.

For all enquiries please contact Tony Verrillo, Development Manager, Recyclables or Bryn Atherton, UK Sales Manager Tel: 0330 555 5555


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