Transportation of 110-ton steam turbine from the Netherlands to the UK


Transport a 110-ton steam turbine via river barge, trailer and overnight ferry


Vlaardingen, Netherlands to Cheshire, UK

Key facts

  • A 110-ton steam turbine measuring 8.08 x 4.28 x 4.06m
  • Craneage from river barge to trailer in Vlaardingen port, Netherlands
  • Transported under private escort to Cheshire, UK


The 110-ton steam turbine, measuring at 8.08 x 4.28 x 4.06m, was received from a river barge in Vlaardingen Port Netherlands, reloaded to a trailer via crane, before being transported to Cheshire in the UK.

With the steam turbine weighing 110-ton and standing at a height of 4.06m we were just under the limit of being able to use a drawbar 10-axle flat top to keep us under Special Order, giving us greater flexibility with route and a shorter lead time.


The cargo was initially transported by our client to Vlaardingen port via river barge, whereupon we organised craneage to re-load to trailer. Once loaded and secured to the trailer, the cargo was transported onto an overnight ferry to Immingham port.

Upon arrival in the UK, the cargo was then transported under private escort to its final location in Cheshire.


The project was delivered on time and within budget, as a result all parties were very happy with how the job was handled.