Steel Cable Reels via new Bahri Service


Finding last minute solutions for a complex project utilising our connections with the newly established Bahri Europe service.


Worksop, UK to Xiamen, China.

Key facts

  • Seven steel cable reels weighing from 952kgs to 84,822kgs
  • UK road freight, heavy lift cranes, inland river barge, sea freight transportation
  • Alternative solutions found with no delays to the customer and no extra costs


The projects team were tasked with transporting seven steel cable reels 6,000 miles from the manufacturer to their final destination in Xiamen China via road and sea. Due to their heavy weight and abnormal size, this project relied heavily on the team’s skills and experience to react quickly to deliver where few others could.

After making all of the necessary arrangements, a last-minute upheaval from the shipping line meant that the team had to source an alternative carrier to complete the ocean leg of the journey at short notice. Thanks to the industry connections and know-how of the team, the project was able to make use of existing equipment and took advantage of the newly established Bahri European service.

With the ability to share resources and expertise, the team were able to find a solution quickly and efficiently resulting in an on-time and on-budget delivery.


While the steel cables were still being manufactured, the Projects team were already hard at work securing permits and equipment ready for the multimodal move. The projects team were on-site during the initial loading of the cargo from the factory overseeing every stage whilst in direct communication with the client. Making use of equipment on location, each steel cable reel was carefully craned onto specialist trailers ready to make their way from Worksop to Immingham.

As a result of the ongoing demand for shipping space, this project cargo was removed from the original vessel which would have taken the cargo from Southampton to Xiamen. A solution was quickly found by the Projects team who were able to utilise an existing crane and barge booking to take the shipment to Antwerp instead where it would be loaded as part of the Bahri European service to Shanghai.


Working as a team, this solution meant there was no disruption to the shipment and no extra costs to the customer. All seven steel cable reels were safely and efficiently loaded onto the vessel and are due to arrive as expected later this month.

Upon arrival in Shanghai, the cargo will then be met by our overseas road hauliers to transport it the additional 600 miles to Xiamen for a full door-to-door delivery.

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