Smart Energy Solutions for Malaysia


This unpacked, high-value air freight cargo demanded specialist handling due to its sensitive nature.


Stockport (UK) to Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Key facts

  • 17 pcs / 11020kgs – MAINDECK CARGO
  • Awarded to Allseas based on specialist air cargo expertise
  • Delivered ahead of schedule


This unpacked, high-value cargo demanded specialist handling due to its sensitive nature – a challenge which meant the scientific equipment couldn’t be exposed to water. A complication made even more challenging as we loaded from the warehouse onto the vehicle on a day of heavy rain!

Deadlines were tight for the route to Malaysia as technicians were flying out from the UK to assemble the line – timing was crucial. From pick up, packing and booked flights, everything had to time perfectly in order to make it happen.


We undertook numerous site visits to gain a deeper understanding of the cargo type and potential complexities involved in the move. We then got to work on the planning to ensure safe and quick delivery.

Working closely with the haulier, airline, packer and overseas agent to ensure that everyone understood their part and the timings of this shipment, but most importantly, in continued contact with our customer.


Due to thorough planning, we managed to not just meet, but exceed the delivery timeframe requested by the customer. We packed within 3 days (2 days ahead of schedule), negotiated an earlier flight with the airline carrier, and cleared and delivered the shipment 3 days earlier than scheduled. Our customer was elated!