Olympic exhibition halls to Dubai


Exhibition halls in excess of 100 teu to be fully dismantled and shipped over 3 months


London, United Kingdom to Dubai, UAE

Key facts

  • Exhibition cargo from the London 2012 Olympics
  • In excess of 100 teu
  • Fully dismantled and shipped over three months
  • Delivered from London to Dubai
  • Supporting two major sporting events


There was no bigger event on Earth than the London 2012 Olympic Games. So imagine dismantling a large part of it and shipping it over to Dubai. That’s exactly what we did in support of the World Parachuting Championships.


Here at Allseas, we’re proud to have provided the logistics for a leading events company involved in setting up the Olympics. We were equally excited to play our part in helping dismantle and ship the event’s exhibition halls. We provided the logistics across a wide range of cargo from exhibition tents, to stages to seating. Its destination was Dubai, for the World Parachuting Championships.


The shipment, in excess of 100 teu, was moved throughout September and October. Our part in the project came to a conclusion in November, in plenty of time for successful championships – a spectacular event in a spectacular location.