Ford Dagenham factory relocation


Transport various engine tooling equipment of break bulk along with 600 containers of parts


Dagenham, UK to Bayuquan, China

Key facts

  • 600 containers of various sizes 20ft OT / 40ft OT / 20ft and 40ft containers
  • Approx: 625 pieces / 16,30844MT / 12,744.63 CBM
  • Project to last over 6 months


Moving a decommissioned Ford Motor plant – Stamping and Tooling Production press from UK to China was a major challenge.

This was an iconic factory that had been in place for many decades and nobody really understood what was to come with the danger of corrosive liquids laying in the machines for many years. To successfully get all pieces moved to the port without any issues was a major piece of logistics.


Over 6 months, the Ford plant was dismantled, packed and shipped via Thamesport to Bayaquan, China. 

We worked closely alongside Ford management, dismantlers, packers and hauliers to ensure all the Tool dye machines were transported in the correct order as this factory was moving to China to start a new life producing tractors.


Along with the break bulk, we also supplied approx. 600 containers which contained all of the components for putting the factory back together once it arrived in China.

It was a proud moment for everyone when all cargo shipped on a single vessel successfully.