Drill Pipes to South Korea


To develop an innovative packing and shipping solution for 21T 10 meter drill pipes


Swinderby, United Kingdom to Busan, South Korea

Key facts

  • Swinderby, UK to Busan, South Korea
  • 18T 10 metre drill pipes
  • Bespoke heavy duty skid type base pallet
  • Loaded with 50T twin lift crane
  • New style of packing created


We asked one of our partners  to provide packing for drill pipes weighing 21T and 8.45m long. They came up with an innovative solution. In order to move the pipes to Busan, a unique form of containerisation would be needed to avoid damage during loading and unloading.


We asked our packing partner to set their design team to work on devising an affordable and reusable solution where the pipes could slide in and out of a standard shipping  container.

Rising to the challenge, the team came up with a bespoke heavy duty skid type base pallet, built to fit the diameter of the pipes. The pipes were then secured with ratchet straps at each end to prevent movement in transit.

Each pipe was loaded using a 50T twin lift crane at the packing and loading facility just off the A1, between Lincoln and Newark. The customer was delighted to find out this all happened in just a matter of hours of the cargo arriving, complete with all the necessary documentation.


Since our partners clever solution, we’ve adopted this style of packing for other pipe shipments.