Direct Home Living Furniture


To help improve our clients supply chain from source in China through to their warehouse in the UK


Qingdao, China to Oldham, United Kingdom

Key facts

  • Allseas establish a tailored service to fit the client’s requirements
  • Put in place the infrastructure to improve the client’s supply chain
  • A new price structure to improve cost saving and sustainability
  • Maintained availability during a period when vessel space demand was high
  • Improved visibility of the supply chain, to ensure the client received regular informations updates


Our client in the UK, Direct Home Living asked that we improve their supply chain from source in China to their Facility in the UK. This meant collecting various packed furniture items and consolidating the cargo in China to load into containers for shipment to the UK.

We made contact locally in China with the various suppliers to arrange ongoing collections from each location. On receiving the goods in our various depots around china the task was to consolidate the shipments and plan shipping schedules to ensure regular shipping to replenish stock in the UK.


Identifying the origin of the furniture was key to establishing handling facilities as close and centralised to the various suppliers as possible. Establishing relationships with the suppliers to make sure the communication locally between the suppliers, our transport providers and our local depots were in place. Making sure that the information flow between all parties locally and Allseas UK was established and maintained to keep UK client fully informed of the progress of their stock.

By having our Network locally established. The costs negotiated and in place as well as agreements on vessel space with carriers, Allseas Global Logistics we able to improve and enhance our clients supply chain. Combining our operation in China with our expertise in the UK to customs clear the cargo immediately on arrival and arranging transport by Rail & Road to their Facility. Allseas completed our commitment to Direct Home Living to improve our clients supply chain and reduce their costs.


Thanks to Allseas Global Logistics our supply chain has improved dramatically with greater visibility, cost savings and flexibility to allow our business to grow and adapt to changing market conditions. The team at Allseas have provided a great example of how working with a more approachable operations and having local direct contacts we can make quick decisions and leave the logistics to a trusted partner.”

Marcel Duffy, General Manager, Direct Home Living