5m diameter Brewery tanks road freight move


Transportation of 4x brewery tanks via high load route


Liverpool Port to Samlesbury, UK

Key facts

  • 4x 28.5 tonne brewery tanks
  • Dimensions 25m x 5m x 5m each
  • UK Road freight transportation from Liverpool Port


Our client approached us with an urgent need to transport their giant brewery tanks from Liverpool port via road to Samlesbury in Preston, UK.

With each tank measuring 25m x 5m x 5m and weighing 28.5 tonnes, this project required meticulous load and route planning for its onward journey to Preston.


Due to the height of the tanks the key challenge to overcome was access, so we immediately got to work identifying the most suitable high-load route for a cargo of this size. Our approach included route identification, undertaking route surveys and submitting the required permit applications. This also included consulting local utility companies along the identified route as a number of cables required tensioning and lifting to allow the cargo to pass safely underneath.

We worked closely with both the local authority and police to establish the safest and least disruptive transportation time and planned a split move across the weekend, ensuring delivery to the client by first thing Monday morning.

Documentation guide

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