8,000 MT tons of rubber waste from Glasgow to Mumbai


Bales of used tyres and shredded rubber waste was left behind and needed to be removed


Glasgow to Mumbai

Key facts

  • 8,000 MT tons of rubber waste
  • Circa 16,000 bales of tyres
  • Shipped in 40ft high cube containers
  • Full clearance of site & shipment within 3 months
  • 40 high cube containers per week
  • Assistance with customs and documentation


Exporting recyclable waste materials is an increasingly challenging issue in the current shipping climate. The process of exporting recyclables is governed by strict regulatory requirements, meaning large fines or the rejection of cargo if your shipment isn’t appropriately documented.

Recently, we’ve helped one of our clients with the safe and compliant removal and export of a significant amount of baled tyres, all the way from Glasgow to Mumbai


Our client was the owner and landlord of a site which had been left with the abandoned commodities of his previous tenant – Scotland’s largest tyre recycling yard. In all, approximately 8,000 MT tons of used tyres and shredded rubber waste was left behind and needed to be removed.

Having been abandoned on the site for almost two years, the local authority had put pressure on the landlord to remove the goods which were causing an environmental concern for local residents.

We were engaged alongside our partner Taurus Trading to offer a full site clearance and overseas shipment of the recyclable material from site to destination – all required within a three-month timeframe.


When handling and shipping recyclable waste commodities of this nature, both compliance and knowledge of the required documentation are critical. So, as an ‘Upper Tier Waste Carrier Broker’, approved by the local environmental protection agency (SEPA), we had the right team in place for the project to be delivered in the safest and most compliant way.

With timeframes tight, we began the necessary planning and got to work immediately.

The activity included the timely organisation of the necessary loading equipment to be installed on-site, along with operatives to help move and load the huge bales of waste rubber.

The task involved up to 7 x 4ft high cube containers loaded and transported each day for two months via road freight to the port of Grangemouth. A total of up to 40 containers per week set sail for Mumbai.

With the correct documentation being a critical part of ensuring waste goods are successfully shipped and received, we planned the paperwork in advance. This included Annex VII (waste materials certification) documents for each container. The appropriate Import Licenses to ensure the imports were correctly received at the destination. Plus, Recovery Contracts to be signed and agreed between the supplier and the recipient.

A rigorous and compliant process which makes Allseas Global a trusted partner in the movement of rubber waste commodities.