30,000 kgs of consumer products to the International CES show


Large volumes of high value cargo with extremely tight deadlines


United Kingdom to Las Vegas, USA

Key facts

  • Largest Electronic Exhibition show in the world
  • 30,000 kgs in 26 x Wooden Cases
  • 3 ights in 3 days over the Christmas period
  • Express Deliveries in Bond
  • Largest US Based consumable sports wear company


Working with our UK client to air express 30,000 kgs of consumable sportswear for the sports manufacturer and retailer, Fitbit. Our challenge was to deliver 30,000 kgs of products in 26 wooden cases to the largest electronic exhibition show in the world. All this in 3 days over the Christmas period.


A complex operation due to extremely tight deadlines and high value cargo that needed to be export packed in a very short time frame. Plus, high volumes of cargo split over 3 flights. This required advance planning with London Heathrow handling agent DNATA and load planner at Virgin Cargo and US based handling agent Swiss port, US bonds in transit, dedicated time slots at the Exhibition show. The CES show has strict handling procedures, all cargo had to meet the offloading procedures and required continuous communication on delivery.

All cargo was export packed, fully lined wooden cased and delivered to the show within 7 days. And all this despite the fact the cargo had to be moved between the 24th and 26th December in adverse weather conditions and heavy congestion at both London Heathrow and Las Vegas.

There was also a piece of out-of-gauge equipment measuring 6 meters long that needed a freighter from Frankfurt to Los Angeles.
We then expressed a truck overnight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to meet the other cargo.


We delivered all cargo on the 29th December, hitting our deadline and the international CES exhibition show date.