Stock uptake at Allseas

29 January 2013

UK based project and out-of-gauge freight specialist Allseas Global Logistics has invested in its stock of special equipment.

Just over three years ago the company purchased 20, 40 ft (12.1 m) heavy plated flat racks. Since then Allseas has continuously invested in its inventory and last month it acquired 30 new 40 ft flats, taking its number to 152.

In other news, the company has been awarded ‘Regulated Agent’ status by the UK Department for Transport (DFT). In order to receive the accreditation, Allseas met stringent security standards set by the DFT and the European Commission; the company invested in additional security systems and specialist training of staff directly involved in the aviation sector of its business.

Being recognised as a Regulated Agent will reduce delays for export air freight and give customers access to better rates for secure air cargo.

Author: Mark Binge, Group Commercial Manager

Also published on: Heavy Lift

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