Allseas takes on glass factory relocation

25 November 2010

Allseas Global Logistics has stepped up to the challenge once again, taking on the relocation of a glass factory from Birmingham to Brazil.

Allseas Global Logistics always ‘handles with care’ – and it has stepped up to the challenge once again, taking on the relocation of a glass factory from Birmingham to Brazil.

Working with its sister company International Export Packers, Allseas was appointed by Pilkington to dismantle, pack, consolidate and transport everything from a huge furnace and glass ovens to a variety of other highly specialised and delicate equipment, all destined for a new ‘home’ in Santos, Brazil.
Allseas fixed the 119.8 m long multipurpose heavy lift vessel BBC Greenland, which was loaded at Ellesmere Port. The Pilkington shipment added up to 90 cases totalling 2,100 cu m, and the use of the BBC Greenland was strategically planned to enable the shipment of two other consignments on the vessel – equipment for a petrochemical plant, and a delivery of oil and gas equipment, both into Santos. The three consignments together added up to a total 3,000 cu m.
“The relocation of the entire contents of a glass factory has clearly demonstrated and drawn on the strength and depth of what we offer as a group,” says Allseas managing director Andrew Morris. “We put our own team of highly experienced plant and machinery engineers and movers into the factory, to unbolt, dismantle and load to flatbed trucks and low-loaders for onward road transport.

“The entire consignment was moved to our logistics centre at our main Newark site, where it was packed in the most efficient and space/cost-effective way for onward shipment. Much of the machinery is very delicate and requires very careful, expert handling. All was hermetically sealed in airtight packaging.
“There are very few companies in the UK who can physically handle and move such equipment but we have the benefit of probably the most advanced packing operation in the UK.”

International Export Packers employs about 70 people and has a 12 acre packing and handling facility at Newark and a 100,000 square foot indoor packing and storage facility at Swinderby. The company designs and makes cases for some of the largest cargoes moving. “A key advantage is close liaison between packers and movers throughout the project, to ensure the most efficient use of space, whether on truck or ship,” says Mr Morris. “We can devise innovative transport solutions and liaise with our clients to save them time and money.”

Allseas was also able to draw on the considerable range of handling equipment available at its international logistics centre at Newark, including a fleet of forklifts with lift capacity up to 27 tonnes, and significant onsite craneage.
“We have the in-house heavy lift engineering expertise to enable us to work out load points and adjust packing accordingly, even as far as liaising with the client to remove machinery parts to create optimum loads,” says Mr Morris.
Allseas and International Export Packers are extremely buoyant at present and a reflection of this has been the promotion of Darren Sorsby, who has moved from Allseas’ operations team in Brighouse to head up a new Out-of-Gauge Division at the group’s headquarters in Newark.

Allseas is experiencing an increase in demand for factory relocations, mainly moving to developing/emerging markets, and is also very busy with a full range of project work. It is meeting high demand for power generation and oil & gas related projects in particular.

“Allseas Global Logistics is far more than a freight forwarder,” emphasises Andrew Morris. “We are freight packers and freight movers, offering the full door-to-door package to our clients and specialising in project, heavy lift and out-of-gauge movements.”

Source: Freight net

Author: Freight net

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