The Sierra Queen Catamaran


Shipment of the ‘Sierra Queen’ vessel including water lift at both origin and destination


Freetown, Sierra Leone to Rhodes, Greece

Key facts

  • 38m x 9.4m x 6m large capacity catamaran
  • 140 metric tonnes


The Sierra Queen is a large capacity high-speed craft built in 1986 and has sailed thousands of tourists and locals in the Freetown area of Sierra Leone for many years. We were asked to manage the move of this vessel from Sierra Leone to its new home in Rhodes.

As with any vessel charter, meticulous planning is key as our operation included the precise lifting of the vessel from and to the water at both its origin in Freetown and the destination in Rhodes.

This meant communication was critical throughout the whole move, as any changes to the mother vessel schedule would need to be immediately relayed and managed to ensure the shipment went as smoothly as possible.


Our logistics team worked with our client and our partners in order to keep close lines of communication between all parties, managing the process at every stage of the move. This included the Port Agents and the Shipper to arrange the required Tug vessel to perfectly position the Sierra Queen for loading to the Mother Vessel.

Once lifted from the water, the Sierra Queen was lashed and secured to the deck ready for shipment. Our focus then turned to the destination in Rhodes, similarly managing the process and close communication with the Port Agent and Tug vessel arrival team.

Our detailed planning and continued communication ensured the Sierra Queen safely reached its destination, into the waters of Greece, on-time and on-budget.

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