Recovery boilers shipment from UK to Finland


Transportation of 4x recovery boilers from UK to Finland


Wakefield, UK to Kemi, Finland

Key facts

  • 97 tonne boiler units
  • 1022cm x 449cm x 391cm per unit
  • Tight deadlines and complex route planning


The project involved the complex transportation of four recovery boilers to the client’s bioproduct mill in Kemi, Finland. The huge boilers were required to be dismantled into eight separate components for shipment ranging from 52,000kg to 97,000kg per unit. At such a large weight and physical scale, thorough route and shipment planning was an integral part of the project.


Our preparation, which included road and sea freight for a complete end-to-end and multi-route delivery, incorporated significant road planning. We worked closely with both the local authorities and police to establish the safest and least disruptive route for transportation.

The journey started in Wakefield (UK) and progressed to Tilbury port, accompanied by a police escort to assist in the 97 tonne move. The units were then temporarily stored at a secure port location using the trailer’s hydraulics to lower the units onto holding stools.

Once the vessel was in port and ready, the huge boiler components were each carefully lifted onto the ship utilising the port’s specialist lifting equipment. The vessel then set sail for its scheduled shipment to Kemi Port, Finland. On time, and without any complications.

Documentation guide

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