Power generation boilers to Pakistan & Bangladesh


To load and ship Boilers used for power generation in Pakistan and Bangladesh, ranging from 35 to 65 ton in weight


UK & North Europe to Pakistan and Bangladesh

Key facts

  • Allseas established a tailored service to clients requirements
  • Put in place the infrastructure to complete the movement in the UK & at destination
  • Negotiated an ongoing price structure to improve cost saving
  • Maintained availability at a very difficult period when demand for vessel space was high
  • Provided full visibility of the movement to help our clients planning requirements.

Due to unpredictable power shortages in Pakistan & Bangladesh our client approached Allseas Global Logistics knowing our experience and knowledge of the equipment needed and loading requirements to help supply large Steam boilers to their facilities.

Our transport team coordinated with the load sites to help arrange the lifting of the cargo to specialist vehicles. Transport was planned in advance taking into account the need for escort vehicles and route planning.

Once at the Port our load team arranged the safe loading and securing of the cargo to our own and carrier’s equipment.

Allseas team negotiated with vessel planners the space needed to allow shipment of the full order together. With our partners in both countries we also negotiated freetime agreements and lifting at the ports of destination to allow for the seamless movement to our clients facilities locally.

Once again Allseas Global Logistics delivered another project on time and on budget.