Last minute notification to transport a Pagani Huayra before the Covid-19 lockdown was enforced


Nice Airport to Marbella, Spain

Key facts

  • A last-minute booking for this high-value, high-performance sports car
  • Working against the deadline of Covid-19 lockdown closures


We’ve faced many time critical challenges before, but never have we faced a race against time due to a world-wide pandemic.

Our client needed to transport a stunning Italian Pagani Huayra high-value sports car from Nice to Marbella. This was a last-minute booking for our team which meant everything had to happen within a 2 hour window and before the airline closed its doors for the evening. If our team had missed this window of opportunity, the delivery deadline could not have been met.

The Pagani Huayra was to be delivered to our client’s address in Marbella before Spain went on Covid-19 lockdown. To meet this challenge we had to ensure the transportation did not stop en route and made it through all check-points without any delays. So to ensure no interruptions we rapidly engaged our network of contacts and agents to deploy two drivers who would share the driving hours for a consistent journey without stops along the way. This strategy also ensured increased security for this high-value cargo.


We acted quickly to ensure our client’s vehicle was successfully delivered and all within 10 hours to spare before the Covid-19 lockdown was enforced.