Multi-million pound Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer


The transport of a two fully assembled, highly fragile multi-million pound Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer


Manchester to Southampton to Djibouti

Key facts

  • Required full methodology approval
  • Under competition with other forwarders
  • Awarded to allseas based on client perceived expertise
  • Delivered on time and on budget
  • Project recognised as winner of project forwarder of the year at global freight awards
  • Has led to further equally interesting shipments, with orders placed for similar equipment movements.


The transport of a two fully assembled, highly fragile multi-million pound Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer units (CEET) was never going to be easy. All the way from Manchester, UK, to Ethiopian Airlines’ training facility in Addis Ababa, followed by the precision installation of the unit over an indoor training pool. But we were more than ready to take up the challenge for EDM, the world’s leading supplier of training simulators to the civil aviation and defence markets.


The 18-tonne CEET, measuring 15 x 4.5 x 4.5 metres, was loaded to exceptional road transport for the move from Manchester to Southampton, where it was loaded onto a Mafi trailer for ro-ro shipment to Djibouti. The final leg of the journey was by road through the Ethiopian mountains. Allseas also had responsibility for shipping and assembling the motion platform – 4.5 x 5 x 1 metre high – from Amsterdam.

This was built with 15 bolts on to which the CEET would be fixed. Lifting the CEET into place inside the training centre required the removal of dozens of window panes from the front of the building, to create a 6 x 6 metre ‘doorway’.

Featured on the Mega Shippers TV programme


During the manufacture and up to final testing, we had several meetings on securing of the CEETs as well as the process for approval on the complex lifts into the training facility. Both the floor space and height restrictions made it complex, considering that both CEET units had to be carefully positioned onto elevated platforms.

While a general plan of operations was agreed, we expected some changes due to local conditions and equipment availability. Allseas was clear in its discussions of revised method and equipment

We were confident in Allseas’ ability to handle our multi-million pound equipment successfully and on time, and this was achieved. Allseas kept within the budget and we were extremely satisfied with the service received.”
Howard Gregory, EDM Senior Project Manager.