Dynamic Resourcing

Our know-how is also available to go

Dynamic Resourcing is our ‘Plug and Play’ resource solution that allows Allseas expertise to be instantly and seamlessly embedded into your organisation.

It’s a smart way to place our knowledge right at the heart of your logistics operation. This allows you to focus on your core business while we maximise supply chain efficiency at the most competitive price.

Benefits of Dynamic Resourcing:

Minimises cost
FTE is normally one of the highest areas of cost in any business. Dynamic Resourcing is a smart way to minimise this cost by delivering a fast, intelligent solution without employing extra staff.

Supports project delivery
When delivering a change management programme, Dynamic Resourcing helps to keep up the momentum of project delivery within timeline, quickly bringing skilled individuals to an area requiring improvement.

Flexible and scalable
Our Dynamic Resourcing team are only kept in place as long as required. If the individuals are required after the project, they can be employed at a cost below market rate.

How Dynamic Resourcing works:

  • One of our senior managers will be deployed for the first 3 months to carry out an initial GAP analysis of the existing business and knowledge base.
  • This helps us identify the skill sets required to complement and enhance an efficient end-to-end supply chain, deploying individuals from the relevant sector to work on and off-site.
  • Each senior manager assigned acts as an employee, with internal reporting lines ensuring true integration. However, they remain externally employed, freeing clients from liability or any associated costs.
  • We ensure the appointed individuals support client-side line managers throughout the transition phase.