Military Vehicle to UAE


Shipment of a Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle over a busy Christmas period


United Kingdom to Abu Dhabi, UAE

Key facts

  • Military vehicle, also being shipped as hazardous cargo, going to an exhibition.
  • Client based in the UK
  • Shipping to Jebel Ali, UAE and from there onto Abu Dhabi
  • Shipping from Felixstowe, UK
  • 40’ Flat Rack for sea voyage
  • Dimensions: 5.95 x 2.44 x 2.8 metres 7,255kgs


It was exactly a week before Christmas and Allseas were asked to urgently help to arrange the shipment of a military vehicle from the UK to an exhibition in the United Arab Emirates, which absolutely had to arrive before the end of January, and it was also to be shipped as hazardous as it contained fuel and had the battery still connected so it could be driven on/off the Flat Rack.


During the busy festive period, last minute bookings can be a regular occurrence, however with this cargo being for military use, it not only requires careful selection of carrier but also needs special approval to be shipped and all of the required licences and permits to be submitted before it can go anywhere.

So, with just a handful of working days remaining in the calendar year and a tight shipping deadline, the cargo arrived at the port of Felixstowe UK, where it was loaded, lashed and secured onto a 40ft Flat Rack ready for ocean shipment and then covered over with a tarpaulin to ensure it complied with carrier acceptance policy through certain ocean ports during the sea passage.

All of the necessary approvals were in place in good time and the shipment was effected as booked.


Despite full vessel and hard negotiation to make the deadline the vehicle was delivered within the deadline and in perfect condition. We were told the vehicle was a great success at the exhibition.