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Moving mountains to make it happen

Wherever you look, the world is experiencing an unprecedented demand for mineral and raw material resources. So the call for logistics expertise in the Mining and Quarrying sector is huge.

Originally building our reputation as shippers of OOG and project cargo, we’ve been supporting the mining industry for years now. So moving some of the largest equipment around is second nature. In fact, we’ve got a reputation as global experts in timely, cost-effective, efficient logistics.

Providing smart new solutions to and from the most challenging locations on the planet, we’ve done it all. From helping clients in landlocked sites in West and South Africa, shipping from Central and Western United States, to operating off the beaten track in Russia and the CIS countries.

Trusted to move cargoes carried by traditional bulk carriers, we’ve also been contracted to ship more than 250,000 tonnes of iron and manganese ore in 20ft containers. Proof, if any, that we’re the mining industry’s trusted logistics partner.